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Tips for DVX 400 Exhaust Power

    Performance Exhaust System

    • One way to improve the exhaust performance and power of the DVX 400 is to overhaul the entire exhaust system with a performance model. Performance exhaust systems reduce the overall weight of the vehicle and reduce engine back pressure. Both of these improvements will increase horsepower and acceleration. Some exhaust systems are made of aluminum for extra light weight. Whichever system you choose, a United States Forest Service-approved spark arrestor should be included if you plan on taking your ATV into a wilderness area.


    • Another, less expensive, way to improve the performance of a DVX 400 is to use a sport slip-on. Like an overhaul of the exhaust system, slip-ons can improve power by reducing the exhaust back pressure, albeit not quite as much as a full performance exhaust. Slip-ons are rarely legal for street use and are most commonly used on ATVs for racing. Install spark arrestors on slip-ons as well.

    Performance Exhaust Tip

    • There are several models of performance exhaust tips for the DVX 400. These tips replace the tips and spark arrestors that come with the DVX 400. Although their efficacy is debatable, these performance tips increase the diameter of the exhaust pipe and allow waste gases to vent more easily. You might not be able to recognize an increase in power from this exhaust upgrade, but it is the least expensive option.

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