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The Success Factors - Focus

When it comes to success there is one thing that must be in place before you can achieve - and that is focus.
Without focus you will wander aimlessly and may arrive at a destination, but only after everyone else has already been there and gone.
No pride comes from knowing a little of everything, but everything of nothing.
Find something that drives you.
Obsession is not the same thing as focus.
the difference is that an obsession is the only thing you ever thing about or act on, while focus is concentrating on the task at hand.
Avoid distractions and don't be quick to keep jumping to the next greatest thing.
too many people have jumped around like a checker on a checkerboard, only to find they have nothing to show for it.
They may have worked hard, and learned a lot along the way - but they still have not achieved anything resembling success.
All they have is a breadth of experiences with no depth.
The idea of a true renaissance man is the exception to the rule.
That's why the few throughout history were notable.
Leonardo DaVinci, or Benjamin Franklin are good examples, but how many others can you name? Chances are, few, if any.
Today's society rewards the specialist, the one who has focused on that one thing until they become an expert.
Of course, you still need to have a good range of general knowledge outside of your field, lest you appear to be a savant.
To be a success at life, and to have an income to match, requires focus.
Focus on an overall vocation or ability, and then a focus on whatever you are doing at the moment.

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