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Avoid Backpack Blues

Remember to have your child pack light.
If your child's backpack weighs more than 10 to 20 percent of his/her overall body weight, then its probably too much.
Excess weight can create back problems, such as curvature of the spine.
When you are helping your child pick out the most awesome backpack they have ever seen, be sure that you are choosing one that is back friendly.
Check to make sure it has wide padded shoulder straps and padding on the back.
This will create cushion in just the right spots.
A well organized pack will make carrying it on your child's back a whole lot easier.
Be sure to make use of all the compartments.
Pack heavy books or other items closest to the center of the backpack.
Distributing all the weight your child has to carry will make it easier for them and better for their backs.
Lastly, be sure your child is using both shoulder straps.
Your child might think it's cool to sling their backpack over one shoulder, but in reality it causes muscle strains therefore increasing potential curvature of the spine.
This can happen when your child favors one shoulder over the other.
As you prepare your young ones for a fresh start into the new school year, please be sure to teach them the rules of the pack.
Like most parents you will want to see them walk straight and tall across the stage for graduation.
Help them keep focused on learning and school participation rather than aches and pains in their back and joints.

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