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Gallstones Natural Treatments - A More Effective Natural Remedy Than Surgery

I would like to applaud you for at least attempting to keep your organ, the gallbladder.
Most gallstone sufferers naïvely get their gallbladder removed and suffer diarrhea the rest of their lives.
Other surgery survivors might have to permanently avoid fatty foods, spicy foods and dairy products the rest of their lives.
Can you imagine life without your precious organ?Diarrhea and not being able to eat half your normal diet; I didn't even mention that you will be out $10,000-$15,000 from the surgery expense.
The truth be told, do you really think surgery is the most effective way to treat gallstones? Gallstones Claim 1 in 12 As many as one in 12 people are diagnosed with gallstones sometime in their lives.
But fortunately, some people will not fully feel the harsh symptoms that a stone can inflict upon a carrier.
Typical symptoms include: intense pain in the upper, right abdomen; sharp stomach aches; indigestion; fever; jaundice; and abnormal colored urine.
Unfortunately, these in the ducts can create even a greater degree of pain and intensify the symptoms.
It would be recommended that you see a doctor to determine if gallstones are your cause of pain.
However, a doctor will typically take two approaches for treatment.
Option 1 would include you waiting it out to see if it miraculously passes.
And option 2 is SURGERY!The doctor will surgically remove your gallbladder which collects bile (an important part of food digestion), especially if it is infected or inflamed (called acute cholecystitis).
However, having a surgeon cut out your organ is not the only option for treating this serious ailment.
And besides the drastic side-effects of removing your gallbladder, your chances of getting bowel cancer also are sky-rocketed because of the dripping bile.
Would you consider trying two Gallstones Natural Treatments that could pass your gallstones in less than 24 hours! Natural Treatments of Gallstones- Effective and Proven Modern medicine has helped billions and has hurt millions.
In most cases, medicines have been a god-send to man; however, in some cases (especially with this particular surgery) modern medicine has done more harm than good.
Especially, when the stones can be dissolved and flushed naturally with various natural treatments that are just as effective as surgery, but you also get to keep your God-given organ.
Two or our most successful treatments for cholesterol-based ones are the following.
A Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse-
One of the most popular gallstones natural treatment is a liver and gallbladder cleanse.
The liver works hard to remove the incredible number of toxins built-up in your body.
These toxins include a wide array of pollutants, including excess fats, alcohol or anything we ingest that needs to be filtered through the body.
A natural liver and gallbladder cleanse helps eliminate buildup of excess toxins and allows the liver to keep performing at its maximum capacity.
The cleanse uses natural ingredients such as grapefruit, lemons and extra virgin olive oil to help pass them.
It should pass in less than 24 hours.
A Clean Food Cleanse-
This cleanse will also be beneficial to your body and colon by eating 'clean' foods.
Clean foods are foods that are eaten in their natural state.
In other words, when eating clean foods, you should avoid all processed foods, including many breads and pre-packaged foods.
Any foods that are fresh and raw should be considered during this cleanse.
It should be also noted that going organic would also be extremely helpful.
The cleanse should last 4 days.
Please check out our report for what foods are best and what foods to avoid.
Gallstone Prevention is Key As a wise man once said, "prevention is everything.
"And I think he was on to something if he was talking about gallstones.
Simply flushing yours will not be good enough!You must continually prevent them from re-occurring if you want to stay healthy.
Many of my customers have successfully passed theirs in a few hours but after 3 months, 6 months or a year; the gallstones reappear because of an unhealthy habit.
By following some simple prevent tips; you can rest assured that you will be stone-free for life.
Reduce your intake of saturated fats (red meats).
Increase your water-soluble fiber intake (fruits and vegetables).
Try to get 20 minutes of exercise per day.
There are over 2000 reasons to exercise.
Reduce intake of cholesterol foods (fried, fatting, fast food).
Start taking Vitamin C to convert cholesterol to bile.

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