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How to Make a Crab Trap Lamp

    • 1). Measure your crab trap with measuring tape. Most crab traps are open boxes made from wire. You will need a sturdy base for your lamp so you will need to cut wood the same size as the bottom of the trap.

    • 2). Cut wood that is at least 1-inch thick into the same size as the bottom of your trap with a saw. Use hardwood rather than plywood for this job. Sand the wood smooth with sandpaper.

    • 3). Drill into the center of your wooden base with a 3/4-inch drill bit. This will be where the threaded lamp rod will be inserted.

    • 4). Thread the cord from your lamp kit through the lamp rod. Be sure the socket is at the top and the cord comes out from the bottom. The socket should screw into place.

    • 5). Insert the rod into the wooden base of your lamp. Place a washer under the rod and twist a nut into place so the rod stays in place. Most threaded lamp rods come with these items.

    • 6). Place the crab trap over the wooden base with lamp rod in place. You may need to gently open the wire to pull the socket through, depending on the size of the wire. Hot glue the trap into place.

    • 7). Screw on the harp that comes with the lamp kit. This will hold your lamp shade. Place your lamp shade over the harp and screw into place at the top of the shade.

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