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How to Purchase Commercial TV Programs

    • 1). Download the show from iTunes. Apple's online music store also carries TV episodes from most of the major commercial networks. New episodes appear the morning after they originally aired, and are available for a few dollars apiece. Open iTunes and click on the iTunes Store option , then type in the name of the show you want to see in the search window. Click on the "Buy" bar corresponding to the specific episode. Apple will automatically charge the credit card on your account and download the episode immediately. You can also purchase season passes that let you download an entire season in one go, or automatically download new episodes as they are made available. The only drawback to this option is that you can normally only watch the show on your computer or an auxiliary device such as an iPhone or iPod, unless you can hook them up to your TV..

    • 2). Purchase the TV show online. carries hundreds of shows for download, as do other websites like and As with iTunes, you'll need to watch those shows on your computer or portable media device, but they are simple to find and available whenever you want. With Amazon, simply go to its homepage and click the "Digital Downloads" option on the left-hand side of the page. Then select the "Video on Demand" option, and find the show you want. You'll be able to download it for a few dollars. Other sites operate on similar principles, allowing you to purchase the shows as you will (or even download them for free).

    • 3). Buy the show on DVD. Studios have made a mint the last few years by releasing old and new shows on DVD. The downside is that you often have to wait for the newest shows (unlike online resources which are available immediately). The upside is that you can watch the shows on your TV as opposed to your computer screen, and the DVDs aren't vulnerable to data crashes or erased hard drives. They are available for purchase in any electronics store, or online sites such as

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