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How To Take Care of Your Roof

No matter what you do there is no alternative to a solid roof over your head.
It covers and protects everything in your home.
Thus it is imperative that you take care of your roof.
Shingles or tiles are prone to get damaged due to the elements.
The first thing that you should do is to check periodically that the shingles and the tiles are in good condition.
If they are broken, replace them, if they can be still used, then re-nail them back on to the roof.
Attend to any damages immediately.
Always ensure to use professional repairing people to do the work.
They will know what to use, they have all the tools and the experience to complete the work without any hassles.
You can try doing everything on your own but the effort is going to be enormous and you will also need to spend money in getting hold of the right tools.
Also, you may get injured while doing work yourself.
Sometimes algae or leeches would form on the shingles or roofs.
They are known to feed off the chemicals that are used to manufacture the shingles.
Ensure that algae are never left to grow and before you know you will have to replace your entire roof.
Take action while there is still some time.
Green algae which are also known as Gloeocapsa Magma forms due to a variety of reasons.
They need moisture and food and the chemicals inside the shingles that are used on your roof is ideal for them.
Before you realize they are all over your roof.
Green algae, leeches can be safely removed from the roof using a sodium hypochlorite-based solution.
Apply it and then wash your roof, allow the water to drain and the let it dry.
This should take care of the problem.
Another great solution is a mixture of bleach, water and TSP.
the bleach which is the main ingredient in this mixture ensures that the roof is cleaned of all dirt, dust, algae and leeches.
This solution can be easily procured from the hardware stores.
Before the rains set in, ensure that the drains coming down from the roof are cleaned and are devoid of any dirt and dust which can clog and create water logging on the roof.
Clean the nearby vegetation to ensure that there are no trees with branches around your roof.
They can break off and then clog the drains or causes other damages.

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