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The Magic Key to Being Healthy

These days, no matter how much you try and hide behind your chocolate bar and gallon of wine, health and the importance of it is everywhere.
We have created a guilt ridden society of people who are ashamed of being overweight, feel bad about the half a dozen biscuits they consumed with their tea and ultimately, when try to make an attempt at 'dieting', fail miserably because they can't stand the sacrifices required to losing weight and getting healthier.
Consider your mindset.
If we have the attitude that our bodies are completely separate entities to our minds then we may as well say a drop of water falling from us as we come out of the sea isn't connected to the ocean.
The simple fact is; our mind and our body are connected and through the way we think we can transform our bodies (and our whole lives for that matter) into much healthier beings.
Yes, it is difficult to contemplate becoming 125 lbs when you weigh 210 lbs and yes, it is difficult to begin to change the way you think when your current way of thinking has led you to the point you are at now! Einstein said, the definition of insanity is trying to change your existence with the same mind that got you to that existence in the first place! It is, however, very easy once you understand how much an effect your mind has over your body.
I'm not talking about mind over matter, I am talking about you, as you are now and how you think about yourself now.
Now being the operative word if you didn't catch that.
Diets do not work for one reason - they are short lived.
People (women especially) go on diets all the time, making great long lists of what they can and can't eat.
How many points does that amount to? If I eat this will I have consumed all my points in one sitting? But if I eat this I'll gain 15 lbs and so on it goes.
Throw the diet books away, all of them and stop counting! A diet is simply what you choose to eat on a daily basis.
It ought not to be something you just do for a short period of time.
It may well be true that you lose some weight, but you haven't changed your mind.
Once you decide you have lost the weight and stop the diet, you will inevitably return to your normal way of being.
This is of course usually controlled by the mind that got you to wanting to lose so much weight and go on a diet in the first place.
This is also where the 'yo-yo dieting' term comes in.
Where you are constantly on and off diets as your weight goes up and down - much like the beloved yo-yo (that, by the way, I could never ever do without smacking myself in the knuckles).
You don't need a dietician or an expensive book to work from.
Everyone knows (if they are honest about it) what is a healthy food choice and what isn't.
Sure you may need to do a little internet research on what is going to be the best foods for you in terms of what your taste preferences are, but bottom line is healthy food = healthy body.
Unless you have some medical condition (and it has to be said that people often use this as an excuse) it is scientifically impossible to become overweight through healthy eating.
Our bodies are much like a machine.
You wouldn't go and put diesel in your petrol car, because it would make a mess of the engine.
Similarly, if you put the wrong fuel into your body and keep putting the wrong fuel into it, you'll make a mess of it.
Being healthy, choosing to eat healthily and live a healthier lifestyle is about choice.
If you switch your mindset to one of actually wanting to be healthier you will then make healthier choices.
It doesn't have to have a time frame or a specific amount of pounds to lose; beginning simply by having the desire to be healthier will then feed (excuse the pun) into the choices you make.
Feeling you are sacrificing will only make what you are denying yourself seem that much more appealing and then you run the risk of completely over eating just to satiate yourself.
When you begin to realise you have choices, and you are choosing to eat something healthy, the whole game plan changes.
It is no longer a sacrifice.
It takes time to begin to understand that you do have choices.
Making unhealthy choices sometimes doesn't make you immediately unhealthy or overweight, but make consistent unhealthy choices and over time you will begin to see the results of those choices in your mind and your body.
So in the same way, making healthier choices won't immediately affect you if you are overweight and unhealthy, keep making them and you will start to notice the results of those choices.
Universal laws are inescapable.
Whether you believe in them or not (they are scientifically proven so do actually exist) the law of cause and effect is probably the greatest and most powerful law of them all.
Once you get your head around it and see how powerful it is, you can use it to your advantage.
Everything (without exception) we do has an effect.
Sometimes small, sometimes large.
All the thoughts we have then channel into the choices we make and then steer the way we act and behave.
Understanding this gives you the power to realise that by thinking in a healthier way, ultimately enabling yourself to make healthier choices, gives you the effect you desire of being a healthier (and happier, because that naturally follows) person.
This doesn't just apply to what you eat but how you choose to exercise too.
Make exercise a choice you make, not a chore you feel you have to do.
Choose something (and this often takes time to find what works for you) you enjoy doing.
I find the idea of huffing and puffing lifting weights and running just a complete turn off.
Find your thing.
There are so many different exercises and ways of getting your body into shape that you are spoilt for choice.
There will be something out there that just fits with you and your body...
go find it.
Apply the same mindset to your food choices.
I don't eat meat, but I really don't enjoy chick peas, lentils and beans either (much of which I find tastes like dirt) - does that mean I can't be a vegetarian because I am not a lentil lover? Of course not, I just choose the things I do like.
The magic key to being healthy is choice and choosing to change your mindset.
Choosing to have a desire to be healthy.
This choice then gives you freedom to think and act in a way that aligns with your mind.
Your body simply follows and you begin to take actions that will over time enable you to become healthier.
The other element then, is choosing the things you enjoy.
This turns into what we know as a healthy lifestyle and when something is your own style, that you have chosen, you do it because you love to do it, not because it is a sacrifice, a chore or something short lived.
Remember, there is no good or bad, only what we perceive it to be.
Change your mind and make choices that align with what you want, not what you don't want.

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