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New Year"s Resolutions for 2012

What are you New Year's resolutions for a better you in 2012? Many of the most popular resolutions can be adapted to not only improving yourself, but your children and your family life as well. By tweaking your routine just a bit, you can ring in the new decade with a more balanced, structured, stylish and happy family.

Get Organized

Be On Time to Work and School in 2012: Get Organized and Get Dressed
Mornings can be crazy, especially when you need to not only get yourself ready, but your kids as well.

The key to getting your kids out the door and on time is establishing a morning routine.

How To Care for Your Children's Clothes
With proper care, you child’s clothes will longer. Maximize your child’s wardrobe by following the labels’ instructions, washing clothes gently, spot treating stains and storing items safely.

Save More Money

Saving Money on Kids' Clothing
How can you save money on children's clothing? I asked real moms all over the country how they save money on their children's clothes.

FAQ: My Kids Grow So Fast. It Costs A Fortune to Keep Buying Them Clothing!
Maximize your children's wardrobes! Find out what you can do to save money and keep your growing kids looking great.

Spend More Time with Your Kids

Teach Your Kids to Tie Their Own Shoes
Have no fear, I've got a few tricks up my sleeves that can make teaching a kid to tie his own shoes a bit easier. All kids learn differently, so try a few of these methods and see what works best for your child.

Be More Fashionable

America's Kids Test out Kids' Fashions and Have their Say
What happens when you send hundreds of kids' fashion items to kids all across America and have them test them out?

You find out what kids like and what they don't. Check out some kids' fashion Test Drives to see what kids' fashion are (to quote a cereal commercial from my childhood) kid tested and mom approved.

10 Must-Have Fashions for Girls
Because your girl needs to look her best, you need to know exactly what trends will make the grade for 2012. What looks will send your girl to the head of the class? Find out!

Top Fashions for Boys: In Style Boys' Clothes for Winter
What are the coolest looks for boys? I'll tell you what you need to achieve these great looks and where to shop for them so your boy can look his best.

The Coolest Shoes and Boots for Kids
How can you make your kids' well planned and totally adorable outfits even more special? By finishing them off with a fabulous pair of shoes. What shoes will be in demand this year? Think pizazz, and go for shoes that are out of the ordinary. The coolest shoes for kids this season are not in your local mall, they are online. So, come on in and check out some incredible girls' and boys' shoes like Uggs for kids, skater shoes for boys and more!

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