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Staffing Strategies

Creating a work schedule is one of the most important aspects of the daily operations in a retail business.
Being understaffed may cause customers to become irate due to the wait, you may lose revenue due to those customers who become impatient and decide to leave or those who consider this to be a bad shopping experience and decide not to return.
Not to mention the word of mouth factor.
Previous customers may give a negative review to their peers or not suggest your place of business due to a less than satisfactory shopping experience.
Peak Sales Periods- Analyze your peak sales hours in order to determine how many staff members need to be staffed for that particular timeframe.
You want to ensure adequate manpower during peak times of the day and/or days of the week.
For example, if you have a candy store across the street from a high school, you may need an extra sales clerk during lunch hour and after school.
However, during the summer months when school is not in session, you may need not to schedule additional help.
Size of Store- If you have a large store, you may need to schedule additional employee(s) to provide better customer service to your customers.
Your customers should not have to search for a salesperson to obtain assistance.
Holidays/Sales/Special Events- Try to be mindful of upcoming holidays and events when creating a schedule.
It's almost impossible to forget about Christmas but stay aware of other holidays which may create additional foot traffic for you or a neighboring business.
For example, you have a jewelry store and you do pretty well with Valentine's Day sales.
However, the Italian restaurant next door to your store is having a $19.
99 Valentine's Day dinner special for couples.
You might want to consider staying open later to accommodate dinner guests who are waiting for a table or walking past your storefront.
Overstaffing is also an issue.
You do not want to have idle salespersons.
Idle manpower is loss revenue.
Create an efficient and effective work schedule.
Be sure to include input from your employees.

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