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How to Get Rid of the Tadpoles in a Pond

    • 1). Scoop the tadpoles out of the water and place them into the bucket. A large aquarium net or pool skimmer will work, as long as the netting is finely woven to prevent the tadpoles from escaping.

    • 2). Set the bucket in a dry, sunny location to kill the tadpoles. They are amphibians and will die from dehydration inside the bucket. Place the dead tadpoles in a plastic garbage bag and set the bag in your garbage can for proper disposal.

    • 3). Spray the area around the pond with insecticide. Tadpoles eat insects that land on the surface of your pond, and eliminating their food source discourages adult frogs from mating in your pond.

    • 4). Add a dozen goldfish to the pond. Goldfish are omnivores and will feed on frog eggs and tadpoles living in the water. Goldfish are also very hearty, requiring very little care once placed in the pond.

    • 5). Pour 5 cups of lemon juice in the pond and place cut lemon segments around the pond's edge. Citric acid is toxic to tadpoles and will kill them in the water before they can mature and reproduce. Lemons have a very powerful scent and leaving cut lemons along the bank deters adult frogs from moving into the pond.

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