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Five Quick Steps to Increase Your Communication Skill

Do you know that communications are an important part of our everyday life? We are always in communication with some one throughout the day.
Why is communication skill so important? If you don't have a good communication skill, you would not be able to persuade some one to your point of view.
For example, if you want your boss to give you a raise in salary, do you think communication skill is important? If you want to eat sushi for dinner and your girlfriend wants spaghetti for dinner, how do you use communication skill to get her to eat sushi without fuss? Now, you must understand, communication skill is used to convince people to your way of doing things without being a bully by forcing them to your way.
You "guide" them into thinking about doing what you want.
If you are always in communication with some one, are your communication skills superb? Do everyone whom you spoke to, likes to converse with you? Or do they avoid talking to you most of the time? If that is the case, I believe you have a very serious communication problem.
But whether you are having a communication problem, or you are a great communicator, below are five communication skills that will definitely assists you to be a greater communicator in a short time.
What do you know? It is important that you are always on the learning.
As what you know will then be delivered correctly to your audience.
But be humble though; don't always snatch the position to "educate" others about what you know.
Wait for them to ask your opinion.
If they don't, then suggest to them that according to what you know, these are the facts, etc, etc, etc.
This is because if you fight for every chance to show them what you know, everyone will start to feel that you are showing off and starts to avoid talking to you.
And this is the opposite of great communication skill.
Listening is just as important as talking; if not more important.
Listen to others saying what they think and feel.
Don't try to find fault with what they say.
Catch the whole meaning and understand why they have that idea.
By doing this, you may at the same time understand the person's way of thinking and be able to deal with the person better, and having that person seeing you as some one who is sympathetic and understanding.
Don't be surprised if you overhear them saying you are a great communicator! 3.
Humility Human beings make mistakes.
We don't intend to, but we tend to say the wrong word at times, do the wrong thing even though we are very familiar with the stuff we are working on, and make the wrong choice.
You don't like others condemning you for your errors, why do you think they liked you condemning theirs? Unless they asked for your opinion, otherwise, keep the stuff to yourself! And remember to laugh at yourself when you make a mistake.
This way it makes you feel better if some one were to condemn you afterwards.
And during group conversation, if you hear some one condemning a certain person, even if you agree to the conversation, don't join in the "fun".
You wouldn't know who in the group is that person's "good friend".
And words will somehow travel to that person's ear.
So beware of what you say.
You can tell them that you made the same mistake if you have, and bring the conversation away from condemning that person.
When that person knows about it, he / she will be grateful that you do so.
Eye Contact When talking to a person, it is always best to maintain eye contact.
You do not need to stare the person down, but use casual look.
You can look away at times, but remember to look back most of the time.
Tune out everything else that surrounds you.
I'm sure you don't like it when you are talking to some one and he / she keeps looking elsewhere instead of you.
Same goes for the other party if you were to do that.
Joking around Everyone likes to be around some one who is humorous.
Add a little humor in your conversation and everyone will like you for it.
But do not make fun of some one else.
Make fun of yourself.
Remember point number 3 above.
This will make everyone feels that you are approachable and they will seek you out the next time they see you.
With the above 5 guide, you will be a better communicator when you put them to practice.
Wishing you the best.

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