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Basketball Post Move Drills

    Mikan Drill

    • Many post players in today’s game may have never heard of George Mikan, widely considered the first great big man in professional basketball history. But while the former Minneapolis Lakers center may no longer be well-known, a drill performed in his honor is a great way to develop low-post moves. The Mikan Drill consists of standing near the basket with the ball on the low block just outside the free-throw lane. The drill begins with a right-handed layup, followed by catching the ball as it comes out of the basket, then quickly moving to other side and shooting a left-handed layup. Repeat this process no fewer than 10 times from each side, quickly altering between right and left hands.

    Ball-Fake Drill

    • Since post players are often defended by other post players (or opponents who are equally tall), it’s important that they use an array of moves to free themselves for shots. One way to practice this is by catching the ball with your back to the basket, then quickly showing the ball on the side of your body opposite the basket, as if you will spin into the lane. After showing the ball, quickly use a drop step to spin toward the basket and shoot a layup. Practice this drill from both sides, no fewer than six times.

    Hook Shot Drill

    • A good way for post players to keep their shots from the reach of defenders is to master the hook shot. This can be practiced by again positioning yourself near the basket with the ball. Quickly turn into the lane and shoot a jump hook, arcing the ball high into the air. Repeat this process between five and 10 times from each side.


    • Be sure to practice any drill as if you were in a game situation. That means “powering” your way to the basket with strength and determination. Most drills are best performed with a defender in place, offering the resistance that post players will see during live action. Even if there is no one else around to defend or pass, all drills can be performed alone by flipping the ball back to yourself and getting to work.

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