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Varieties of Contact Lens Solutions

Taking care of contact lenses by cleaning and disinfecting and storing them is much easier now a days. Most people use multi purpose" solutions -that is the same solution used to clean disinfect and store the contact lenses. There are preservative-free solutions containing hydrogen peroxide for people who are sensitive to the preservatives used in solutions. There are various kinds of solutions used for contact lenses like saline solution, daily cleaner, multipurpose solution and hydrogen peroxide solution.

Saline solution: When using an ultra violet disinfecting system, saline solution is used for rinsing and storing contact lenses. It is also used with enzymatic cleaning tablets or cleaning or disinfecting devices.

Daily cleaner: A few drops of daily cleaner is placed in the palm of the hand and each contact lens is rubbed for about 20 seconds to make sure both sides of the lens are clean.

Multipurpose solution: This is for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing the contact lenses. Lenses should be cleaned with a daily cleaner and then rinsed and disinfected with a multipurpose solution or the lens can be rinsed twice and then placed in the lens case with the solution to clean and disinfect. When using a multipurpose solution, no other products are necessary.

Hydrogen peroxide solution: Some lens holders for hydrogen peroxide systems have a built-in neutralizer that converts the hydrogen peroxide to water so that it does not sting the eye. But for other products, a neutralizing tablet should be added. With hydrogen peroxide solution, the lenses are placed in the basket provided and rinsed and then the cup is filled with solution to clean and disinfect the lenses.

Cleaning and disinfecting devices: Depending upon the brand, these devices clean with either ultrasonic waves or subsonic agitation whereas disinfection is accomplished through multipurpose solution or ultraviolet rays.

The general instruction to clean the contact lenses remains the same for all kinds of devices though there may be a slight variation from one solution to another. Most brands do not need rubbing. Contact lenses should be placed in the device and filled with the same type of solution as for the rinse. There are other products too, to take care of contact lenses.

Enzymatic cleaner is used to remove protein from contact lenses usually on a weekly basis. These tablets are used either with saline solution or with disinfecting solution. But before using enzymatic cleaner, the contact lens should be cleaned and rinsed with other products.

Daily protein remover: This is in liquid form to remove protein from the lenses. The lenses are rinsed during disinfection with multipurpose solution. Before using a daily protein remover, the contact lenses should be cleaned and rinsed and both the lenses should be filled with multipurpose solution and a strip of daily protein remover.

Eye drops: These are used for lubricating the eyes and rewetting the contact lenses. But a good quality eye drop should be used, otherwise eye drops not meant for this purpose may discolor the lenses or temporarily alter the fitting of the lenses.

Some people may develop allergic reactions to contact lens solutions the symptoms being itching, tearing, burning, redness and discharge. A preservative called "thimerosal' used in solution was found to cause allergy to some people and therefore "thimerosal-free" saline is usually marked for "sensitive eyes."

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