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How to Check Tie Rod End Conditions

    • 1). Raise the vehicle in the air until the tires are off the ground with the floor jack. Place jack stands in a secure position to adequately support the weight of the front end of the car.

    • 2). Lower the car back down onto the jack stands. Make sure the wheels are still off the ground. Shake the care to ensure the vehicle rests safely on the jack stands.

    • 3). Crawl underneath the car and use the flashlight to help examine the boots of the tie rod ends. If there are rips or tears in the boots, then there will likely be no grease to lubricate the joint in the tie rod end, which leads to excessive wear. If there are openings in the boots, add more grease to the tie rod ends and check them every week until they can be replaced.

    • 4). Place one hand on the left side of the tire and one hand on the right side of the tire. Attempt to wiggle the tire from side to side. If there is a lot of play, it is time to replace that tie rod end. A little bit of play is OK; however, the tie rod end is starting to become worn down and will eventually need replacing.

    • 5). Raise the car back off the jack stands with the floor jack and remove them. Lower the car to the ground

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