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Side Effects Of Biosil

    How Biosil Works

    • According to, Biosil is specifically formulated to nourish three essential proteins: collagen, keratin and elastin. Collagen reduces the appearance of fine lines and prevents wrinkles from forming by "plumping" and replenishing the skin; keratin is a protein that helps thicken and strengthen hair and nails; elastin gives skin the ability to bounce back, fighting against wrinkles and fine lines.

      The results include reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, stronger, thicker hair and nails and increased bone mineral density.


    • Biosil should be taken only as directed. It is available as drops or capsules. Drops can be mixed with ¼ cup of fluid or dropped directly into an empty hard-shell capsule and swallowed immediately. Patients who take more Biosil than the recommended daily dose may experience temporary side effects.

    Side Effects

    • To date, side effects have only been reported by individuals who ingested a higher dose than recommended. Reported side effects include digestive discomfort, bloating and diarrhea.

    Biosil and Digestive Discomfort

    • Digestive discomfort can be used to describe a set of complex symptoms that create pain and discomfort in the upper abdomen or chest. Heartburn, bloating, nausea, belching and vomiting may accompany digestive discomfort.


    • Although they are not life-threatening, side effects of Biosil are likely to cause temporary discomfort, and may result in an inability to sleep and/or engage in normal everyday activities. If you experience severe abdominal pain or if your symptoms persist for more than 24 hours, you should consult your health care provider for assistance.

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