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Building a Carpet Scratching Post for Cats

    • 1). Wrap the 4x4 post with the 17x32 inch piece of carpet. The 32-inch end should be wrapped longways, so that the post is covered by carpet with one extra inch on either end, and 1 extra inch around the circumference. Staple the carpet around the post on the top, bottom, and side so that it is completely covered.

    • 2). Wrap one plywood board with a 18x18 inch piece of carpet so that the top is completely covered, with several inches of overlap on all sides of the bottom. Staple the carpet in place.

    • 3). Flip the covered plywood board over to expose the wood. Measure and mark the center. Place this board carpet-side-down on top of the post, and nail it through the center to connect the two pieces of wood.

    • 4). Flip the structure back over, so that you have a carpeted base to your scratching post. Measure and mark the center of the other piece of plywood. Place this on top of the post and nail it down.

    • 5). Wrap the top board in the remaining piece of carpet, and staple the carpet to the underside of the board.

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