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Can Acupuncture Cure Infertility?

If you've been wondering if acupuncture can help cure your infertility, I would like to share with you my experience with acupuncture, how it helped me overcome my infertility of many years, and what I've learned.
I was clinically diagnosed with infertility for multiple years, and spent tens of thousands of dollars on traditional western medicine treatments such as IUIs with Clomid and IVF both fresh and frozen rounds - all in vain as I tried to get pregnant.
It was only after I began receiving acupuncture treatments, that I was able to overcome my unexplained infertility, quickly get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.
I Used to Be a Skeptic.
I have to admit I was a skeptic of the whole acupuncture to cure infertility idea.
My thoughts were that if the western doctors, some of the finest fertility specialists with impressive degrees and their multi-thousand dollar treatments, could not get me pregnant...
How could inserting a series of tiny little needles all over my skin get me pregnant? Seeing the wonderful effect that acupuncture had on me and how I was able to cure my infertility by adding acupuncture treatments, I believe the only reason why I regarded acupuncture as "alternative medicine" is that it is not based on western knowledge.
Acupuncture Helped Me Cure Infertility.
In my experience, acupuncture provided me with effective, real results in my quest to cure infertility.
It wasn't until I began using acupuncture and Chinese holistic treatments (which also helped me control my stress levels) - that I was able to get my body in the right place to be able to get pregnant and stay pregnant.
If you are considering using acupuncture as part of your efforts to beat infertility and get pregnant naturally, I encourage you to seek out an acupuncturist that specializes in fertility treatments.
Each acupuncture treatment is different for each individual, and only a highly specialized acupuncturist can find the right places to insert the needles and how deep each one should go (there is a difference in each placement depending on where they are inserted.
) How Acupuncture Can Help Cure Infertility.
Using acupuncture to cure infertility can help women with issues such as promoting ovulation, troubled menstrual cycles and irregular periods, and in men it can address problems such as blocked sperm ducts.
While I cannot say that acupuncture can cure infertility by itself, I can personally attest that it made a very big difference in my life and that it was instrumental in helping me beat infertility, get pregnant naturally and deliver my healthy daughter - after multiple western medical doctors had diagnosed me as infertile.

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