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Can You Use EFT For More Than One Issue in the Same Day?

Absolutely, you can never over tap.
There is no limit.
You're not being told off like Oliver Twist for wanting more.
If you need to tap, tap.
With EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping.
You and your body don't have a certain amount of issues that you can work on in any given time, space or day.
In fact it is a good thing to tap as often as you can, certainly when you start doing EFT.
The more you do it, the more comfortable you will become with the process.
The more you'll know which words and emotions are you're "big ones" and need further tapping.
You'll begin to discover which of the EFT points seem to be "your" spots and where for you, the magic happens and you consistently get big emotional releases.
You'll begin to start changing the setup phrases to really suit what you are feeling.
Too often new tappers come to EFT and are afraid to change even the tense or grammar of the sentences to fit their problem, challenge or emotion.
EFT is such a forgiving technique.
Your set-up phrase and reminder phrases should be as easy as possible for you to say and remember If they are not to ask yourself: Why am I not getting a shift in my issue? Are you: Trying to tap on too many issues at once? Not being specific enough in describing your problem? Not really wanting to tap on what it is that you are feeling? - Then you really need to tap on this one.
Not realizing the tapping has worked and without noticing it you have started using different language or feeling a different emotion.
I feel tired when I tap.
When you tap lots in one session, you'll find many things can and do happen.
You might yawn a lot.
You need to drink lots of water.
You sleep like you haven't slept in ages.
You'll have little releases of emotion and big emotional releases.
You'll be tapping on issue D and find that issue A, that you tapped on earlier no longer bothers you.
When doing lots of tapping, you results and changes will start to show gradually too.
Even if you think nothing has happened whilst you have been tapping.
Your body and behaviors are catching up with the new you.
These are all great signs that you are changing at a much deeper level.
Best of all, you might even discover...
You'll say something at the right moment, with the right words and feeling and you'll have an emotional release there and there without any tapping.
These are the real crowning glories of EFT Champagne moments.

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