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How to Use Fire Extinguishers

    • 1). Start by placing a fire extinguisher near any place that you may experience a fire. This means you should have one by your kitchen stove, outdoor grill or fireplace.

    • 2). Begin by pulling the pin out of the fire extinguisher. You cannot use the fire extinguisher until the pin is removed. Don't pull the pin out until you actually have a fire to put out.

    • 3). Aim your fire extinguisher at the spot where the fire is originating from. This is extremely important because you cannot put out a fire by spraying its flames. You must put it out by spraying the starting point.

    • 4). Squeeze the lever on the fire extinguisher so that the liquid can begin to come out. Do it slowly at first.

    • 5). Begin sweeping your fire extinguisher from side to side. Continue doing this until the fire begins to go out.

    • 6). Stay at a distance while putting the fire out. Once you see that the fire is almost out, you can move closer. Don't stop spraying until you are sure the fire is out. It only takes a small ember to start the fire back up again.

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