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Chinese Restaurants in Rochester, New York

    Chen Garden

    • Chen Garden is a casual eatery that strives to combine traditional Chinese cuisine with modern advances in Chinese cooking techniques. The restaurant offers both dine-in and takeout. Patrons can select from choices like un-fried fresh veggie spring rolls, cold sesame noodles, scallion pancake, bean curd and spinach soup, shredded beef sauteed with yellow nira grass, whole Peking duck, frog legs in brown sauce and General Tso's fish fillet. Chen Garden also delivers within a three-mile radius. The restaurant is open seven days per week for lunch and dinner.

      Chen Garden
      1750 Monroe Avenue
      Rochester, NY 14618

    New Number One

    • New Number One specializes in takeout and delivery within a limited area. The website offers convenient online ordering, along with special offers and discounts for Internet customers. The restaurant offers selections that include crispy noodles, fried wontons, roast pork fried rice, chicken lo mein, shrimp egg foo young, subgum wonton soup, beef chow mei fun, shrimp with lobster sauce, sweet & sour delight, bean curd with mixed vegetables and pork with garlic sauce. New Number One also offers combination dinners, along with lunch and dinner specials. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner takeout or delivery.

      New Number One
      1925 South Avenue
      Rochester, NY 14620

    Golden Pond Restaurant

    • The Golden Pond Restaurant prides itself on serving high-quality, affordable Chinese food, featuring Cantonese, Szechuan and Hunan styles of cooking with no MSG. The restaurant serves only takeout in order to keep their prices low. On the menu, you'll find choices like lemon chicken, chicken and broccoli, chicken and cashew nuts, seafood delight, cheese wontons, pepper steak, BBQ spareribs, Szechuan beef, kung pao chicken, fried crab, vegetable chop suey and beef Hunan style. Golden Pond also offers combination meals, specials and party trays. The menu also includes a Special & Diet section with items like mushrooms and snow peas, steamed shrimp with broccoli and Green Jade delight--a combination of steamed broccoli, snow peas and string beans. Golden Pond is open Sundays through Saturdays for lunch and dinner takeout.

      Golden Pond Restaurant
      51 Fetzner Rdunstarred
      Rochester, NY 14626

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