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Is Your Storage Solution Safe And Secure?

A self storage solution should be an ideal place for you to store and secure all the items in your household that you do not use on a daily basis. Such items usually include unused clothes from your last vacation, sporting gear, sporting equipment and even remnants of your previous house when you moved out. Many a time people store delicate and weather sensitive items such as antique furniture, photo frames and even old paintings in storage units. However, the question that arises is whether the items stored in there are safe.

Most storage facilities will tempt you with their low prices and large and spacious units. But what good is a large and spacious unit if it is not sealed properly and of there is no proper ventilation system? A lot of customers usually end up with large quantities of damaged items when they return back to pick them up months and even years later. When the owner of the facility is questioned, they usually claim that the damage is not covered by them so the customer ends up with a very dear loss especially in the case of private antique possessions. A good idea and the safer thing to do would be to find a storage solution that listens to the needs of their customers, and more importantly does what they claim to offer. The best way to find out about a the customer service is to check the number of referrals the company gets as well as request a company whether you could speak to one of their existing customers. Storage facilities these days also offer air conditioned solutions, but what most people forget is that humidity control is what a storage facility always needs to maintain, namely a balance with the weather outside. In a humid city like Beirut its best to find a storage solution that offers climate controlled units. Such units prevent damage to delicate goods like old paintings, porcelain, and even documents. Another important factor is to check with the facilities existing fire and security systems. Most old storage units usually don"t have such systems in place and the results are pretty drastic when the facility accidentally catches fire. The customer is one who really has to bear the loss of the damaged goods. Hence it is always good to have a check list of things you need to know and the questions you need to ask before you select a storage solution to keep all your belongings. is a smart and modern storage facility in Beirut with high standards. They seek to answer their customers every need and query and even provide customized solutions for them if required. They provide commercial and personal storage solutions with the best facilities possible and diversify their solutions to help them serve their customers better. With 24-hour access, CCTV security along with complete fire safety systems and climate controlled facilities they ensure that all their customer" s goods and services are treated with the best care.

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