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How to Describe the Life of an Indentured Servant

    • 1). Select the angle for your article on indentured servants. This practice existed both in Europe and colonial America. Decide which lifestyle you wish to describe. Consider examining both and indicating the similarities and differences by geographical location.

    • 2). Research the life of indentured servants. Study up on the nature of the practice. Indentured servants worked in exchange for freedom that came with a certain amount of years served. Find out the lengths of these terms and what restrictions were in place.

    • 3). Compare indentured servants to slaves. These were not the same, but some of the restrictions were similar. In some cases, punishments for an indentured servant breaching his contract was worse than that of a slave trying to escape. Describe the lifestyle of an indentured servant and whether it amounted to slavery in the end. Compare a day in the life of each and point out the differences.

    • 4). Take your reader into a day in the life of an indentured servant. Find out what kind of duties they were expected to perform, how many hours per day they worked and their working conditions.

    • 5). Investigate the importance of indentured servants. Point out the importance of these people and the contributions they made that linger on in our country today.

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