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Acne Diet: What To Eat And What Not To Eat

What you eat often has a very big impact on your acne. Instead of spending money on all those acne products out there, spend some time carefully valuating where you can make some improvements to your diet. Don't only will it reduce acne, but you will have more energy and even shed some pounds.

There are plenty of foods that can help your skin, but also those that can harm it. Knowing the difference can help you to have some control over your acne. Eating right can fight acne from the inside out. Then you can work on eliminating it before it even shows up on your body.

If a great deal of the food that you eat has saturated fats or trans fats then that could be what is creating acne problems for you. Such food items will significantly increase the amount of oil that the body produces. By replacing such food items in your diet, that production will be reduced. Excess oil is the main reason that people experience acne.

Look for foods that you can add to your diet that have more protein in them. Eggs and chicken are two of the common ones. There are plenty of recipes you can use to create delicious entrees from either of these common food items.

Only about 40% of your diet should consist of carbs. Take a good look at where you are at with that. You may be surprise to find that you are in the range of 60% to 70%. Many people with acne problems find that they need to reduce their carb intake to reduce their acne outbreaks.

Do you consume at least two servings of fresh vegetables and fruit every day? If not, then you really need to incorporate this into your diet. They can be part of your meals or you can consume them as delicious snacks. These items will flush out toxins from your body and they will also fill you up.

A common cause of acne that many people aren't aware of comes in the form of their drinks. Eliminate items that are high in sugar and high in caffeine. Replace them with green tea and with plain water. Both of them will remove toxins from the body that can cause acne. A water filter or adding some lemon slices to it can improve the taste for you if that is stopping you from consuming more water.

You didn't develop poor eating habits or acne overnight, so don't assume you can change it that fast either. Give it time for the changes in your diet to really work for you. After a few weeks of eating better you should notice that your acne is improving. To help you identify patterns, write down what you eat. Keep track of when you have acne and the severity of it too. What you will likely see is that as you eat better, the frequency of acne problems and the severity of them will decrease.

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