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A Look At The Unique Features Of The Motorola Atrix

The Motorola Atrix is currently being marketed as the world's most powerful smartphone.
This is quite a claim, especially given the rate at which mobile phone technology is advancing.
Whether or not the manufacturer's claim is true, one thing is certain; it boasts a spec list which ticks all the boxes and is pretty much unrivalled by the majority of its competition.
In this article I will go over a couple of the more unique points which set it apart from its rivals.
Fingerprint Scanner The Motorola Atrix boasts a biometric fingerprint scanner located on the back of the handset.
This highly innovative feature is only available on a small number of other handsets, and shows how rapidly mobile phone technology is advancing.
Features like this may look good on paper, but how useful is it during day to day use? The vast majority of smartphone users opt to lock their homescreen with a 4 digit PIN code.
However, someone may see the code without you knowing, and be able to gain access to your phone and therefore any personal data stored within.
The beauty of a fingerprint scanner is that the only person who can unlock the phone is the phone's owner; you simply cannot forge a fingerprint.
So security is clearly the main advantage of this feature.
Of course, the Motorola Atrix also allows you to disable this option and use the more traditional security settings such as a PIN code, pattern or password.
Laptop Dock One of the major draws, and certainly something that sets it apart from the crowd, is the standalone laptop dock available for the Motorola Atrix.
This is purchased separately from the phone itself, and offers an ingenious way to increase the functionality of the handset.
It looks exactly the same as any other laptop computer, but is much thinner and lighter.
This is because it is simply providing a larger screen, full keyboard and optical mouse pad to use the phone more efficiently.
To use it, you simply connect your Motorola Atrix to the dock, and it uses the power of the phone itself, and simply offers a larger screen and a full keyboard as well as a more user friendly layout of the operating system and user interface.
This will make the Motorola Atrix ideal for those who need to do a large amount of word processing on the go, or carry out more complex tasks such as blogging or updating websites.
Obviously this is easier with the layout of a standard laptop than using a phone's touchscreen Of course, there is much more to the Motorola Atrix and its spec list boasts all the features you would expect from a high end Android smartphone.
The features outlined in this article show just how innovative a handset it actually is.
There are likely to be many people who would find use in the features and accessories available from the Motorola Atrix.

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