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Cheating For Revenge - Is It Worth It?

Your partner confessed that he's been cheating.
You're absolutely broken hearted.
You've locked yourself in your bedroom for three days, listening to Coldplay.
You haven't ate, which you will later consider the best diet ever (aside from that nasty case of mono in the 8th grade).
Your face looks like a punching bag from crying for the past 72 hours.
After those three horrid days are up, the sadness has been grieved and the anger sets in.
He's shown his true colors and now it's time to get yours.
A girl with a broken heart is much like someone with multiple personality disorder, you never know what you're going to get.
She's dangerous and capable of anything.
I've heard women revenge stories range anywhere from sleeping with his best friend, to putting Nair in his shampoo bottle, to damaging his most prized possession-the cherry red convertible.
It feels thrilling in the moment, giving you power, a euphoric high.
For once, you feel in control of this terrible situation you've had no control over.
When the dust settles, though, and you come back down to reality, you're often still left with a broken heart and a newly acquired "Psycho" label for yourself.
But who is he to call you psycho? He cheated.
And besides, your girlfriends assured you that it was absolutely fine to make out with his brother, given the circumstances.
You can't possibly be psycho if they sad it was okay.
What do you think? Is revenge appropriate after your partner has confessed to cheating? Is it worth it?

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