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Riddell Mouthpiece Instructions

    • 1). Boil a pot of water on the stove. While it's heating, set a bowl of cold water off to the side.

    • 2). Grab the mouthpiece with a pair of tongs and drop it into the boiling water. Allow it to remain for 30 seconds so that the material will become pliable.

    • 3). Remove the mouthpiece from the pot and dip it on the bowl of cold water for one second only. Any more time could cause it to solidify too quickly.

    • 4). Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth as quickly as possible, but make sure that your upper row of teeth are securely placed inside the tray. Press the mouthpiece against your teeth, using your thumbs.

    • 5). Bite down slowly on the mouthpiece to mold it.

    • 6). Remove the mouthpiece from your mouth and set it back into the boiling water for two seconds only.

    • 7). Remove the mouthpiece from the boiling water and shake off any excess water. Insert it into your mouth and bite down again. Using your thumbs, press it against your teeth and cheeks to make sure it fits as tightly as possible.

    • 8). Hold the mouthpiece under cold running water for several seconds. This will complete the setting process.

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