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How to Use a Spincast Bubble Fly

    • 1). Slide the bubble onto the line coming out of the rod. Tie a small swivel to the end of the line under the bubble. Tie between three and four feet of 4 pound test leader to the opposite end of the swivel and tie a fly to the end of the leader.

    • 2). Cast the bubble and fly up stream on rivers and let the fly drift naturally on the current. Reel in the slack line as the bubble goes down stream so you can feel when a fish takes the fly. When the bubble reaches the end of the drift down stream reel it in and cast upstream again.

    • 3). Cast straight out on slow current streams and slowly reel the fly back, giving the fly a swimming appearance. When the fly completes the drift downstream, then continue to reel it back in slowly. Fish will often follow the fly on the drift and then take it when it appears they will lose it.

    • 4). Fish the fly and bubble on a lake by casting it out and reeling in the line until the bubble moves 6 to 12 inches and the leader straightens out. Let the fly sit motionless on the water to give the fish a chance to take it. Twitch the fly to make a ripple on the water and then let it sit; continue this reeling and twitching action until the fly is reeled in.

    • 5). Reel a streamer fly in with short jerks to imitate a darting bait fish.Turn the reel handle three or four times and then jerk the fly toward you 6 to 12 inches. Repeat the action until the streamer is all the way in.

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