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Five Top Hotels in Birmingham

One of the most important decisions to make when planning a holiday in Birmingham is where you will stay.
Although sightseeing is also key, where you'll rest your head each night can colour your entire experience.
Staying somewhere unpleasant, uncomfortable or inconvenient can put a damper on all the fun.
Fortunately, there are many great Birmingham hotels to choose from, and we highlight five of the best.
From well preserved historic buildings to thoroughly modern affairs, Birmingham offers a full array of great hotels.
Staying Cool Every last detail of Birmingham's Staying Cool hotel is designed to impress.
From rooms shaped like wedges to decadently appointed kitchens - espresso machines and juicers are par for the course - Staying Cool is definitely one of the most interesting hotels in Birmingham that you can find.
Rooms also boast iPod stations, Apple computers and brightly coloured decor that you won't forget in a hurry.
Malmaison Malmaison is one of the trendiest Birmingham hotels, and its superb location makes spending a weekend break in the city incredibly convenient.
Whether you're here to shop or just to sightsee, the Malmaison is bound to meet - and exceed - your expectations.
Dramatic colour schemes and sophisticated details give each room a lavish, yet comfortable, ambiance.
Exceptional room service means that you don't even need to think about heading out, if you don't want to.
New Hall For those who prefer to eschew modern trappings for more stately, historic accommodation, few Birmingham hotels can beat New Hall.
Located in what is claimed to be England's oldest surviving manor - which was built during the 12th century - New Hall isn't in the best location but it's well appointed rooms more than make up for that.
Beyond the guest rooms, the public rooms at New Hall are among the best of any Birmingham hotels.
City Inn Many business travellers list City Inn as a personal favourite, and it's easy to see why.
Among the many Birmingham hotels that cater to business travellers, City Inn offers the best combination of style, comfort and amenities.
Although the guest rooms aren't necessarily roomy, they are sumptuous and comfortable all the same.
Better still, the on-site restaurant is phenomenal - many consider it to be among the best restaurants out of all hotels in Birmingham.
Jonathons' Hotel and Restaurant If you're looking for a 19th century country house hotel in the centre of Birmingham, look no further than Jonathons' Hotel and Restaurant.
Situated just minutes from New Street Station, this hotel features very roomy rooms with exceptional decor and unparalleled comfort.
Try getting a room with a fireplace for a real treat.
There are two restaurants here so you can choose between traditional British fare and Indian cuisine.

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