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ProjectManagement Standard

PRINCE2 Certification is a method of project management in a controlled environment. The senior management is also involved in the management of project and that is an added advantage. Very often in companies, projects are handled only by project managers and if something goes wrong he gets all the blame. In the PRINCE2 method, since the senior management is involved from the beginning, they are also accountable for the success or failure of the project. PRINCE2 is recognized worldwide and is accepted as the standard method for project management. Companies across the world are looking for people who are PRINCE2 certified. PRINCE2 was developed with inputs from over 150 organisations in Europe and it is widely practiced in the UK Government departments. It is the accepted standard of project management in UK.


It was first used for managing IT projects as there were many complexities involved in managing IT projects. It was slowly adapted by other sectors since it was beneficial and easy to use. The method is flexible and adaptable for project of any size. There are two levels of PRINCE2 Certification. The Foundation level and the Practitioner level. The foundation level is recommended for people who are just employees. It will help people become better at their jobs, will be able to manage things in their area of work in a better way. The practitioner level is for those who are in managerial role in the company. They are suited to take up this cause so that they have the necessary skills to fulfill the goals of the project that they handle. In New Delhi and Mumbai this certification training courses are available. No prior experience in project management is required. There are no eligibility criteria to attend the course. Anyone with a little maturity and some work experience can attempt. Main themes covered during the course are Business Case, Organization, Quality, Plans, Risk Management, Change Management, Progress Monitoring and Closing the project. The benefits include controlled use of resources by managers and project leaders. They will have the ability to manage business risks and uncertainty more efficiently and effectively.

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