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Cure your Acne Fast - Your Make-Up and Acne

If you're reading this then you must be an acne sufferer as well.
Don't worry, I sympathize.
I suffer from acne too, and I know how tough it can be.
There are certain things you can do though to help your acne, and some of them might even cure it, right now! Really? Wow.
Surely that can't be true? Well it is.
So read on to find out how your makeup could be making all the difference! I used to suffer from terrible acne, to the point where all I could think of, was people staring at my face.
It was horrible.
I didn't like meeting new people at all.
In fact I probably missed out a lot because of it.
And just because of this acne on my face? Ugh.
Now maybe you're like me and tried a million different ways to cover it? Maybe even used a ton of make-up? Sound right? Well let me tell you, that's not the way forward.
In fact it's probably making it worse.
Acne is caused by inflammation of the skin, and make up is full of chemicals which cause this (unfortunately).
So even though you might be hiding your acne a little, it's not going to be doing you a whole lot of good.
In fact I'd recommend avoiding make up all together! But I know that's not always possible for you girls.
So what do I do? Used water based make-up! Or anything that says oil-free on it.
That's that best kind to use! But, also make sure you clean your brushes regularly, to stop the spread of bacteria, and make sure your hands are clean before applying anything to your face.
Though if you want to stand the best chance of curing your acne, your still going to need a good product to accompany your make-up-applying-acne-busting routine! I recommend something all natural, to avoid irritation, just like with the make up.
But how do I know which products are natural? Never fear! I have created a website for you guys.
Because I'm that good to you.
That'll tell you about which products are the best, from my own personal experiences!

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