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The Success Of Jennifer Lopez On American Idol May Have Contributed To Her Marital Breakdown

Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony announced the end to their seven-year marriage this past July. Fans were shocked to hear of the marital breakdown, especially after the passionate performance of Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez on American Idol this past spring.

Having a demanding career like Jennifer Lopez is sure to place stress on a relationship. Feelings like resentment may build between spouses for reasons like having to pick up more housework. Sometimes spouses even long for things to be the way they were before work was so taxing.

Many viewers felt the warmth and compassion exuded each week by Jennifer Lopez on American Idol as they continued to look up to the superstar as a role model for how to love your husband. Unfortunately, the marriage communication must not have been on the pedestal onlookers had once assumed.

So, why is Jennifer Lopez single again? Tabloids harshly commented on the marital breakdown of Jennifer Lopez as this will be her third divorce, and Mark Anthony's second. Headlines like "Jennifer Lopez Single" often place the success of Jennifer Lopez on American Idol as a cause for the marital breakdown. So how do we answer the question on everyone's mind: "why is Jennifer Lopez single once again?" Could it be arguing? Busy careers?

Jennifer Lopez discusses her challenging work schedule with Vanity Fair in 2011, saying, " [But] it's getting increasingly harder"we had the first three years of our marriage just for us"Then we got pregnant. Then it became about the kids. And then I started working again."

In the same interview, Mark Anthony was asked if Jennifer Lopez works too hard, and he responded, "..."I mean, there are only a certain amount of hours in every day..."

So, how do you maintain proper marriage communication when someone's career takes off? Training is available to:

-teach you how to love your husband or wife in their new job responsibilities, and
-keep your husband or wife feeling empowered, confident, loved and supported in their new endeavor.

We constantly need to feel the emotions and support mentioned above in order to develop to our full potential. We seem to provide this support more easily to our children than with our spouse!

If you want to keep your husband or your wife when their career takes off, get trained so that both of you are fully supported to succeed at work and at home.

Frequently, marriage and family therapy do not adequately address marriage communication skills to readjust for career changes. Without marriage communication training, it is difficult to learn how to love your husband or wife and avoid marital breakdown when life's circumstances change.

Keep your husband and your wife feeling empowered and supported. This is key to the success of your family.

So, the question then remains, did Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony do the wrong marriage and family therapy? All we can say for sure is that they did not have the tools to make their marriage work. Don't make the same mistake. Programs do exist that will teach you how to love your husband or your wife even if life takes on unexpected turns.

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