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How To Make A Living As Xbox 360 Game Tester

Microsoft is hiring more Xbox 360 game testers to test every newly pre-release video games to make sure they dont cause any system error to the console like the 3-red-rings of death. So if you already own a Xbox 360, you can make it into a money making machine by becoming 360 game tester. Can you? Let's see...
You Can Make A Living As Xbox 360 Game Tester
How much money can you really make being a game Xbox video tester? It all depends on your gaming experience. If you're a new game tester you can expect to make $10-$30/hour.
Then after you get a little seasoned you can be making $10-$90/hour. So you see, even if you only make $20/hour that's $160 for a regular 8 hour shift.
That's $400 a week for a part-time game tester.
What Would You Do as A Xbox 360 Game Tester?
As a 360 game tester, one is supposed to go through the entire game he is provided. As well, he needs to test every map, character, weapon or car and report every malfunction he runs into.
Even though this may be considered one of the most pleasant jobs in the world, it is, after all, a real job! Different from you play games for entertainment, game testing needs hard work and commitment. Microsoft always presents their expectations towards testers and sets up a deadline for submitting game reports, so that programmers will have enough time to fix every glitch. When working on a tight schedule, you have to play the same game for a long time and over and over again, in order to find out any possible bug or error.
How to Get A First Job as A Xbox 360 Video Game Tester?
Experience is important to get a game testing job. As a new in the gaming industry, you have to offer some free services at first. You aim is to gain game testing experience and make a living by it, so don't focus on the money first. In order to get your foot into the door, you have to test Xbox 360 games for free. This will win you a chance at least.
Another way to begin your effort is make more friends in this industry and keep contacts with them. You can visit some forums for video gamers and video game testers. The more people you know in this industry, the better your chances of becoming a game tester, and well known to others.
The last but maybe the most vital way start your gaming career is to join a reliable membership site. There are alway most up-to-date game testing information listed on them. One of the most well-reputed membership site for video game testers is called Gamer Testing Ground. Check it out by reading the Gamer Testing Ground Review Here!

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