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Learn to Write a Blog Post in 7 Easy Steps

When you sit down to write a blog post do you sometimes lack direction in terms of what you need to do and when? Preparing content for your blog is something you'll need to do consistently so the more organized you are the easier it will be to prepare and post updates!

Here is a 7 step approach you can use every time you're preparing new content for your blog that will help organize your thoughts and maximize your efforts!


The topic you choose to write about needs to be of relevance and interest to readers who land on your site! Although there are no doubt countless ideas you could be blogging about it is best to make note of them as they come to mind! In this way when it comes time to post updates you have an 'inventory' of subjects from which you can select!


Rough ideas are a great start for composing content for you blog however you'll want to be more organized by outlining the points you want to make! By doing so it will give you more direction when you sit down to write allowing for better use of both your time and efforts!

Keyword Research

Properly selecting and placing the most appropriate words and phrases relevant to your subject matter results in bringing you more 'targeted' traffic! Keyword research will be required to make the best selections and it's recommended to compile and save a sizable list for your ongoing use!


With both an idea and outline in hand you are now ready to compose new and hopefully interesting content for your blog! The fact is by being more organized in this way the actual time it takes to compose anything new is drastically reduced as too will be the stress involved!


Not only do you want to place the right words or phrases in the right location within the context of your update but you'll also want to find and place images as well! This step will be relatively simple to complete since you've already done your keyword research, right? Remember that although many would prefer not to fuss with this particular step, when done correctly, it will help increase your exposure!

Title Selection

There are many who are more comfortable with creating a title FIRST and then using it as a guide for their writing! It matters little as to whether you create the title or the body of your text first but you do want something that's descriptive of what you wrote!


Once you've gone through the previous 6 steps all that's left is to proofread and edit your work! Don't rush this step because the last thing you want when you post updates to your platform is text that contains glaring errors! Once you're satisfied that the entry reads well and is without obvious spelling errors it's time to push one last button to publish the post!

When you write a blog post you'll find the process goes much smoother the more organized you are in your approach! Since writing content for your blog is something you'll be doing regularly doesn't it make sense to devise a strategy or plan for doing so?  By being more organized in your approach you'll be better able to think more clearly thereby allowing you to more rapidly create and post updates! The 7 steps suggested above merely break down the process for you to make your efforts more productive and less stressful!

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