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"90210" Character Profiles

Confused about who goes to West Beverly and where they fit into the CW series 90210? Look no further, we've got this handy character profile guide to help you get better acquainted with all of the major players.

Lori Loughlin as Debbie Wilson

Debbie is Harry's wife and Annie and Dixon's fun-loving mother. After a difficult adjustment period, Debbie has finally set down roots and is intent on making a new life for her family in Beverly Hills.

Rob Estes as Harry Wilson

Harry is Annie and Dixon's father and is married to Debbie. He grew up in Beverly Hills and knew Kelly Taylor and Tracy Clark from his early days. Harry had a relationship with Tracy and the two have a son, who was adopted as a newborn. Harry is the principal at West Beverly -- which definitely has its disadvantages for his teenage children.

Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson

Most of the characters on the series somehow center around this fresh-faced, spunky teen from the Midwest. Moving to Beverly Hills was a huge adjustment for Annie, but she quickly made friends in the first season. She and Naomi Clark share a love-hate relationship, while Annie and Silver quickly became the best of friends. Annie's prom night became major turning point in her life, and not necessarily for the better.

Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson

Adopted by the Wilsons as a young boy, Dixon knows how lucky he is to have been given a chance at a good life. He's friendly, outgoing, athletic and very charming -- the kind of guy that makes the girls at West Beverly swoon. He and Silver had a serious, but extremely complicated relationship in the first season and broke up on prom night. Dixon tends to be the guy who will always do the right thing despite that ever-present peer pressure.

Jessica Stroup as Erin 'Silver' Silver

Silver's character was born on the original 90210. She is the sister of Kelly Taylor and David Silver. Like her brother David, Silver has bipolar disorder and is slowly learning how to manage her condition. She tends to fit in with the offbeat crowd and runs a video blog, which often doesn't make her very popular among some of her peers (and teachers on occasion).

AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark

Every high school has that drop dead gorgeous, almost untouchable girl and West Beverly High is no exception. Naomi can have her choice of guys, but sadly the one she really wants just doesn't seem that into her. Naomi's parents, who are getting divorced, haven't been great role models and are rarely around. Naomi is known to be completely ruthless when it comes to relationships -- just ask poor Annie.

Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi

For much of the first season, Navid served as sort of a quirky sidekick for Dixon, but he slowly emerged as a leading man when he and Adrianna began their relationship. When Adrianna was pregnant, Navid was there with her just about every step of the way and even offered to raise the child as his own.

Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan

As a child star, Adrianna appears to have lived a charmed life. However, her life has been anything but with a mother who has basically forced her daughter to keep working as an actor in order to pay the bills. It's not surprising that she turned to heavy drugs as a way to escape her miserable life. Adrianna did eventually pull her life together after a close call with death, only to then discover she was pregnant. She went through with the pregnancy and ultimately gave the baby up for adoption.

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