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HIPAA Wireless Security Policy

    Best Practices

    • HIPAA recommends a set of best practices that health care providers should follow in order to ensure the security of their wireless systems. Best practices include having an audit trail and logs, inventory reports, rogue access point detection, centralized control, automatic network discovery and compliance during any HIPAA audits.


    • One of the weakest points in a wireless network that HIPAA wireless security points target is unrestricted network access points. Most attacks to a health care provider's network occur through unrestricted wireless access points, so HIPAA wireless security policies focus on limiting the number of available points and tracking who accesses them.


    • Each organization that handles data protected under HIPAA must have a detailed policy outlining the measures it takes to protect its wireless network. Wireless security policies must discuss security incident reporting procedures, audit controls, transmission security, access control and information access management. Health care providers review the policy regularly to ensure continued compliance with HIPAA.

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