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How to Find Out Current Interest Rates

    • 1). You can check the federal current interest rates by going to the Federal Reserve Statistics Release website at This will tell you on a daily basis what rate overnight trading is being done at. This is the figure that is used as a basis for calculating current interest rates by the banks, however they are not held to one standard so you can not know what the bank will offer based off of this.

    • 2). Go to your banks website. Most banks will offer a lot of information about their loan programs including the current interest rates. Make sure you are looking at the right figures as it is easy to accidentally pull the interest rate for the wrong type of loan. Also, check other banks to see who is offering the best rates. One banks will offer lower rates or other perks to get business over another bank.

    • 3). Check out local credit unions. They often have the current interest rates posted on their website. You can always pick these up inside the office as well. Often the current interest rates are lower at a credit union than at a bank. This is because the credit union is a member owned organization, not a private or public company.

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