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How to Build a Ramp Out of Snow

    • 1). Locate an area for the snow ramp. Toward the end of the a sled run is a good place as the ground flattens out, making it easier to build a ramp.

    • 2). Shovel snow to form your ramp. The snow ramp should have a gradual increase. Therefore, start shoveling a small amount of snow at the base, and build to a larger amount of snow near the top of the ramp.

    • 3). Using the backside of your shovel, pack the snow down as tight as possible so that you form the ascending shape of a ramp.

    • 4). To freeze your ramp into place, drizzle a small amount of cold water over the snow. This will allow an icy layer to freeze, shaping your snow ramp.

    • 5). Now that you have your ice layer, place a little more snow on top so that the sled is still moving through fresh powder as it hits the ramp. Your snow ramp is now ready for use.

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