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Gear Up for Your First Job Interview

You have probably become fairly accustomed to dressing casually for school with a wardrobe consisting of jeans, shirts, and tennis shoes.
And why not?Jeans are way more comfortable than slacks and dress shoes don't hold a candle to a comfy pair of sandals.
Unfortunately, these items are best left to the back of the closet when it comes to dressing appropriately for a job interview.
The first step in this process is to find out the dress code of the company ahead of time by observing what the employees wear.
Is it business casual or uniforms?Whichever the case, you should plan to dress as if you already work there - only a tad better.
Men and women should avoid wearing perfume and cologne altogether.
There are many people who don't enjoy strange odors and scents; so as not to offend anyone, leave the fragrance bottle alone.
Another interview no-no is displaying tattoos and body piercings.
These can be fun when you're hanging out with friends; however, they can be very distracting to the interviewer.
Remember to cover up your tattoos and remove multiple body piercings before the interview.
You want the employer's full attention to be on your skill and talent.
Ladies, save the loud colors, heavy makeup, and big jewelry for nights out with the girls.
These items can give the impression that you are not serious about work and can leave a negative impression with the interviewer.
Focus instead on wearing clean, barely-there makeup, minimal jewelry, and remember to stay away from nail polish unless it is clear.
Men should sport a fresh haircut with a face that is clean-shaven on the day of the interview.
It is a great idea for women to wear long hair pulled neatly back into a bun or a low ponytail.
For those with shorter hair, keep it neat and polished as well.
The best clothing styles for a job interview are conservative and neutral.
Think navy blue, black, dark brown and grey for color choices.
Women avoid open-toe shoes and mules.
Your personal fashion is a statement of you; however, there is a time and place to express yourself.
Your goal for the job interview is to present a professional image that conveys respect and motivation to the employer.
So dust off those dress shoes and press those shirts because you never get a second chance to make a great first impression! "Changing Lives...
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