Health & Medical Nutrition

Dietary Changes That Promote Wellness

A guide is provided of foods that we can eat and ones to avoid to promote wellness.
Even among basically healthy foods, some individual items are better than others.
Refer to the following list as a guide when deciding which types of foods to include in your diet and which ones to avoid.
Do these to maintain good health.
This is a basic list and NOT intended to be all inclusive.
BEVERAGES: Avoid alcoholic drinks, coffee, cocoa, pasteurized and/or sweetened juices and fruit drinks, soda, and teas.
Enjoy herbal teas, fresh vegetables and fruit juices, mineral and distilled water.
DAIRY PRODUCTS: Avoid all soft cheeses, all pasteurized or artificially colored cheese products and ice cream.
Enjoy raw goat cheese, nonfat cottage cheese, kefir, goat's milk, buttermilk, raw or skim milk.
BEANS: Avoid canned pork and beans, canned beans with salt or preservatives, and frozen beans.
Enjoy all beans cooked without salt or animal fats.
EGGS: Avoid fried or pickled eggs.
Enjoy boiled or poached eggs (but limit to 4 weekly).
VEGETABLES: Avoid canned or frozen vegetables with salt or additives.
Enjoy all raw, fresh, or frozen vegetables (No additives), or home-canned vegetables without salt.
SOUPS: Avoid canned soups made with salt, preservatives, MSG, or fat stock, and all creamed soups.
Enjoy homemade (salt and fat-free) beans.
Also enjoy lentil, pea, vegetable, barley, brown rice or onion soups.
GRAINS: Avoid all white flour products, white rice, pasta, cold cereals, instant types of oatmeals, and crackers.
Enjoy all whole grains and products containing whole grains like cereals, breads, muffins, whole-grain crackers, cream of wheat, brown rice, wild rice, oats, and millet.
But limit yeast breads to 3 servings per week.
MEATS: Avoid beef, all forms of pork, hot dogs, duck, goose, organ meats, lunch meats, and corned beef.
Enjoy skinless chicken and turkey, and lamb.
(But limit to 3 times per week).
FISH: Avoid all fried fish, shell fish, salted fish, and fish canned in oils.
Enjoy all freshwater fish, salmon, broiled or baked fish, and water packed tuna.
FRUITS: Avoid canned, bottled, or frozen fruits with sweeteners added.
Also avoid oranges, because they are acidic and highly allergenic.
Enjoy all fresh, frozen, stewed or dried fruits without sweeteners, and home-canned fruits.
NUTS: Avoid all salted or roasted nuts and peanuts (that is if you are suffering from any disorders).
Enjoy all fresh raw nuts and peanuts in moderation.
OILS(FATS): Avoid all saturated fats, hydrogenated margarine, refined processed oils, and shortenings.
Enjoy All cold pressed oils such as corn, safflower, sesame, olive, soybean, flaxseed, sunflower, and canola oils.
Also margarines are made from these oils.
SEASONINGS: Avoid black and white pepper, salt, and hot red peppers, Also avoid all types of vinegar except for pure natural apple cider vinegar.
Enjoy garlic, onions, cayenne pepper, all herbs, dried vegetables, miso, seaweed, dulse, and apple cider vinegar.
SPROUTS AND SEEDS: Avoid all seeds cooked in oil or salt.
Enjoy all slightly cooked sprouts, wheatgrass, and all raw seeds.
SWEETS: Avoid white, brown, or raw cane sugar, corn syrups, chocolate, and sugar candy.
Also avoid fructose except those in fresh fruits.
Avoid all sugar substitutes, jams, and jellies made from sugar.
Enjoy barley malt or rice syrup, small amounts of raw honey, pure maple syrup, and stevia.

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