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Leaf Art Projects


    • Collect fallen leaves in summer or fall and make colorful rubbings from them. Choose leaves that are still supple, because dried leaves tend to crumble when you make the rubbing. Arrange the leaves in your desired pattern on top your work surface then cover them with a sheet of paper. Rub a crayon over the top of the leaves, holding the crayon horizontally on the paper. As you rub the crayon, the shape and veins on the leaves appear on the paper. Frame your leaf rubbings or cut them out for use in other projects.


    • Pressing preserves the color and shape of leaves. Place the leaves between two sheets of plain white paper. Sandwich the papers between two sheets of cardboard or plywood then place a weight on top. Press the leaves in this manner for a week or until they are completely dry. Display your pressed leaves in a frame, decoupage them onto a box or vase, or use them in fried flower arrangements and other crafts.

    Leaf Prints

    • Both dry and fresh leaves make interesting designs when used to print. Arrange the leaves in an attractive way on top of a sheet of newspaper. Coat each leaf with a thin covering of paint. Lay a sheet of paper on top of the leaf and press down. The veins and other details on the leaf transfer onto the paper. Alternatively, coat a leaf with paint, then press the leaf against an object, such as a wooden tray. This transfers the leaf design onto your object.


    • Use leaves and other natural items to form a collage. Glue leaves onto a wooden board or heavy sheet of cardboard with decoupage glue. Make designs focusing on the colors of the leaves or their shapes, such as a multicolored spiral pattern. Glue other natural items, such as twigs, to the board to complement the leaves. For example, glue an interesting twig to the center of the board, then arrange the leaves around it so that the twig resembles the trunk of a tree.

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