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How to 50-50 Grind on a Skateboard

The 50-50 is probably the first grind you should learn, it's when both of your trucks are grinding on a ledge or rail.
First off, find yourself a small ledge or curb and wax it with some candles.
To make sure it's going to grind nice and smooth push your trucks along it and keep rewaxing until it turns to a nice silverish colour.
Step 1.
Approach the ledge at an almost parallel angle, a big mistake that some skaters make is that they go at it at too big of an angle, which makes it harder to lock in and grind.
Step 2.
As you get to the curb pop an ollie and bring your feet towards the curb.
Step 3.
Slam onto the ledge with both trucks and make sure you have your knees bent and are prepared to grind...
meaning shoulders square to the board with your weight balanced between the front and the back of your board.
Step 4.
As you grind along the ledge start to get ready to pop out by placing your back foot on the tail.
Step 5.
Slowly start to lean back and apply pressure to your tail, as if you were doing a manual.
Step 6.
Your board should fall nicely off the ledge and now it's just a matter of finding your balance once you hit the ground and riding away.
Step 7: Once you've done one, do another hundred of them because this trick is key for future grinds.

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