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What Is Recovery Partition? How to Deal With Recovery Partition Issues on Your Windows 7 Computer

About Recovery Partition

We save various forms of data including documents, spreadsheets, pictures, images and videos on our laptops. Have you ever thought about a situation when your laptop would get corrupted accidentally? It is understandable that you are scared with the idea itself that your laptop can also get corrupted, making you lose vital data. But you need not worry as Windows 7 offers you a dedicated data recovery tool called Recovery Partition that is available on the hard drive of your laptop.

Issues faced with Recovery Partition in Windows 7 PCs

As stated earlier, Recovery partition is a dedicated tool to restore your Windows including data and software from the point it was corrupted. With this tool you have a lesser risk of losing your data in case the system gets corrupted. It helps you restore your laptop to the state before the crash. Using this tool is very simple and you can do it with least chances of failure. The first thing you need to do is to run the Recovery Partition software available on your laptop. However, this is not an easy task to perform. You should be prepared to face some technical difficulties while running the software. If at any stage you feel that issues are going beyond your control then you must consider calling a professional computer support service provider.

Snapshot of issues faced with Recovery Partition:

- Windows is non-responsive
- Not able to access the HDD to run the Partition Recovery
- Unavailability of recovery CDs Partition Recovery not loading the operating system even the laptop is running
- Computer's BIOS is not detecting the hard drive
- Hard drive malfunctioning and more

Dealing with Recovery Partition issues with Windows 7 laptop

In most of the occasions, a faulty BIOS setting is what causes a host of problems. When Windows is not working properly, you should first consider updating your system's BIOS setting. Secondly, you need to check the hard drive and ensure that it is set-up correctly in the CMOS (configuration memory operating system) setup. Moreover, it is mandatory for your laptop to detect the hard drive properly. You won't be able to run the Windows if all the partitions in the hard drive is corrupted. In this case you first need to delete all the files, recreate the partitions and run the Windows setup finally. Henceforth, you can run Recovery Partition and recover your data when your computer crashes.
Moreover, you can also take the help of third-party data recovery tools that will help you run the Recovery Partition. These tools are highly effective in recovering lost data by using the Recovery Partition feature of Windows. You simply need to contact your manufacturer and ask them to help in data recovery.

These tips are very effective but you might not be successful every time you implement them. If you are facing trouble even after using these tips then consulting professionals like computer support service []providers is the best option.

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