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Super Large Capacity Battery Smartphone: HUAWEI Mate

When we mentioned large screen Crossover mobile phone, people will first think of the Samsung GALAXY Note series machines, now, it has developed to the third generation, the influential is large in the industry. Samsung GALAXY Note series is strong, but it is not the king. With more 6 inch models appears, Samsung GALAXY Note series challenger is more and more, HUAWEI Mate is one of them, first of all, the 6.1 inch screen visible area is bigger than Samsung GALAXY Note3, it bring the shock visual impact. Secondly, Samsung GALAXY Note3 price is too high, huawei Mate is less than USD400, its price advantage is very obvious.

HUAWEI Mate appearance design inherited the family characteristics, style is similar with Ascend D2, it look more fashion and elegant. This machine have black and white two kinds of styles optional for customers, black style back shell used soft touch paint, it is smooth to touch; And white style is used IML technology, which can prevent scratching by the force of friction and make the printed text or images fade abrasion. Today, the large screen of mobile phones, although the fuselage is wide, mostly adopt thin design, this smartphone also is so, the fuselage thickness is only 9.9 mm, bare weight is about 198 g. In the software configuration, this smartphone is equipped with based on Android Emotion UI, which has the characteristics of the simple interface and easy to use.

Big screen doesn't mean that it can deserve the top full 1080 p HD resolution, HUAWEI Mate screen resolution is 720 p HD standards, it is at the same level with samsung GALAXY Mega 6.3, the pixel density failed to live up to the standards of the 300 ppi retina screen. This drawback can accept by its price, after all, the 720 p HD screen is the mainstream of mobile phone configuration, just because the screen visible area is too big, images have certain particles. Even so, the colour of smartphone reduction accuracy is high, viewing Angle is bigger, display effect is not bad. Moreover, it support manual color temperature adjustment function, the humanization of function also allows users to obtain the right visual experience.

As we know, mobile phone manufacturer rarely USES the their own processor, while Mate is an alternative, which is carrying huawei self-developed Haisi K3V2 quad-core processors, frequency reached up to 1.5 GHz, built-in 16 core GPU, 2GB memory, in V3.1.2 version AnTuTu benchmark performance tests is more than 16 thousand, quadrant test score is close to 5500 points, NenaMark2 test score is 59.7 FPS, although these data in today's mobile phone can be a medium levels, but it still can ensure that most Android applications run smoothly.

In order to solve the high energy consumption problem by the big screen smartphone, which is equipped with the same level of the leading 4050 mah large capacity battery, it is much higher than average level, battery capacity is even bigger than a lot of high-end models, it usually can be close to 2 days of standby time. Although now many smartphones is equipped with tens of millions pixels, Huawei Mate is not do that, it have a 8.0 million pixels CMOS camera, and it also support HDR shooting mode and other functions, the imaging quality have larger gap with top level of camera phones, especially in dark environment photograph, it is not suitable for consumers who pay attention to photograph performance.

Nowadays, many people want to buy the mobile phone to replace the tablet, but the price of such models are often high, it is don't bargain. While this smartphone with relatively low price and high performance provide cost performance option for the users.

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