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An Asian Wedding Directory – All The Information You May Need For Your Chinese Wedding In Just One

More and more people are interested in having wedding ceremonies that are based on an exotic culture. Whether it is because they have visited a certain country and this has left an impression on them, or whether one of those in the bridal party has roots in that country seems to be irrelevant. An Asian wedding directory is like a one stop shop for all things cultural, so this is all you need to make your ethnic wedding dream come true.

A Traditional Chinese Wedding

An Asian wedding directory will allow you to find everything you need for a traditionally Chinese wedding. You should first think about how traditional you want to go. Within real traditional Chinese weddings, six etiquettes have to be followed to the letter. You could opt for this, or you could go slightly more liberal and just pick and choose the elements that speak to you. This is down to personal choice and your Asian wedding directory will allow you to find any information that you may need.

The Six Etiquettes

In order to help you decide how traditional you want to go and what information you will require from your Asian wedding directory, all six of the etiquettes are explained below. It is your own choice how many or how few of these you want to incorporate in your own wedding day.

€ The Proposal. The first step is of course the proposal. In ancient Chinese customs, marriages were arranged and the proposal would go through an intermediary who would negotiate the terms of the marriage. This element is still used and you may be able to find someone to act as a negotiator in an Asian wedding directory.

€ Birthdates. In Chinese tradition, the birthdates of both the parties have to match. These dates would be taken to a Suan Ming in order to predict the future of the couple. If these fortunes are prosperous, a bride price would be submitted.

€ Bride price. The intermediary that dealt with the proposal will also be responsible for agreeing the terms of a dowry.

€ Wedding gifts. The family of the groom would then return gifts to the family of the bride.
€ Wedding arrangements. The Tung Shing would be used to find a suitable date for the actual wedding. This day has to be auspicious, so that the couple has a bigger chance of happiness.

€ Wedding ceremony. This is the final ritual, in which the couple gets married. This consists of many parts, for which you should also be able to find information in an Asian wedding directory.

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