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How To Get Your Blog Posts Read

If you're looking to get your blog posts read and passed around, then the very first thing you need to do is get good at writing really catchy titles.
Lots of well-known marketers and advertisers will tell you that you should spend half your time writing your blog post, and the other half of your time working on a great title.
So why is writing a great title so important? The answer is that many of us are finding content to RSS feeds or from e-mails that are auto generated straight from your blog.
Therefore, the title is what decides whether or not your post gets read or not.
Let's face it, we are living in times where everyone is dealing with an enormous amount of information on a daily basis.
Most of us are very quick to discard and eliminate what we perceive to be access information.
Thus, a title is absorbed in less than a second.
Think about your own daily routine.
What is it that makes you decide to open an e-mail or two click on the link to an article? Whenever you conduct a search on Google, what is it that determines which sites you will examine further? The answer is simple.
In just about every case, it is the title.
Do you now see why titles are so important? Never forget that your content is always competing with hundreds if not thousands of other pieces of information.
You need to be able to distinguish yourself from all those others.
So what kinds of titles have been successful? This is the question we should always be asking ourselves.
Some of the past winners have been things like how-to, lists, and blueprints.
This is because these are the types of content that breaks down information into a usable form.
The fact is that more and more people are skimming instead of reading content.
When your title implies that you have boiled down your information to the usable stuff, then it will naturally get noticed.
What you have done is help them eliminate information overload.
From this point, all you have to do is deliver on the promise of your title.
Another type of title that has been successful are those that invoke some kind of feeling within the reader.
Titles that are outrageous and bizarre will always arouse curiosity in people.
Notice what types of videos tend to go viral on the Internet.
They're always those that are funny and outrageous.
Another technique you can use is the promise to share secrets with them.
Everyone loves to receive privileged information, this is why gossip is so popular.

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