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Perfect Gift for Someone that has Everything

My mom always told me to think of giving not as a duty but as a privilege. I'm a strong believer of it but do you have someone special in your life that is hard to buy a gift for and it does make shopping for them feel like a duty? Or have you ever had a time where you are tired of giving the usual gifts and wanted to buy something unique instead?

Well, I know I have! And that person who is hard to buy a gift for is my husband. Especially when I ask him what he wants and he says, "I already have you and that is all I want and need in my life." Those are such sweet words, and I know he truly means it, but it's not helpful.

When it comes to buying clothes, he has to try it on, so that is obviously out of the picture. Jewelry he already has and doesn't need a variety of choices to accessorize like we women do. He's definitely not a robe, grooming set, or spa kind of guy. I can honestly go on with the list and you would say, "Wow, he really is hard to buy gifts for!"

So I started to search online for unique gift ideas and I was surprised how many sites popped up. They did have great gifts but what was so unique about a gift basket or a massage package? I was getting frustrated that nothing matched my husband's personality or interest.

Then that's when I found a site called I couldn't believe it! Land on the Moon for Sale? It was so unusual, too good to be true...but so neat! I loved the idea! I mean, what can be more extraordinary than giving someone an acre of the Moon? The website had a lot of different information. It had interesting information about the moon, neat moon videos (which were very educational), info about the Space Laws, and even lots of press release they have gotten throughout the years. I even thought to myself, "Where have I been all this time?" Ha Ha!

When my husband got the package, he liked it so much! He hung it up on the wall and looks at it like in complete "Aw", like it's an Alien! He can't believe what I got him and gets a smile on his face every time. Now one thing my husband loves to do is entertain our guest at home. The says it's a great conversation piece, and let me tell you it really is! All our friends and family love it and ask where I got it. It's an awesome gift and I couldn't believe that it was only $29! I would definitely recommend this website to any one who likes something a little unique and very interesting!

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