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How to Sew a Child's Pillow into a Sleeping Bag

    • 1). Fold the sheet in half and cut a rectangle as tall as the child and about 36 inches wide. Cut a second rectangle the size of the pillow plus a 2-inch border.

    • 2). Cut a length of fleece in the same size and shape as the first rectangle.

    • 3). Spread the fleece face up on a smooth work surface.

    • 4). Lay the sheet on top of the fleece aligning all four edges and sew all the way around three edges, leaving the top edge open.

    • 5). Turn the piece right side out.

    • 6). Finish the open seam with blanket binding.

    • 7). Lay the project on a smooth surface with the sheet side up. Fold the project so that the bottom extends longer than the top by the length of the narrow side of the pillow and the finished edge is on the shorter potion.

    • 8). Fold the edges of the smaller rectangular portion of the sheet to create a 1-inch hem. Fold one short edge over by an additional inch. Top-stitch that edge.

    • 9). Lay the rectangle on the long single-layer in the correct position to hold the pillow. Secure it with pins and sew around the three unfinished edges to create an envelope.

    • 10

      Make sure the edges are still aligned, pinning if necessary. Top-stich the top to the bottom.

    • 11

      Sew the blanket binding all around the project, mitering the corners.

    • 12

      Slip the pillow into the envelope at the top of the bag.

    • 13

      Roll the finished sleeping bag around the pillow and the tie ribbon or cord around it in two places to hold it closed. Use a simple shoe string bow if you cannot locate a ribbon or cord.

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