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Two Damage-free Mounting Solutions For Your iPod

If you are tired of having your essential gadgets litter everywhere in your car then you need a car mount, car holder or car integration kit.
Here, I will introduce you to two simple but powerful solutions.
About Dashmount Brackets Dashmount Brackets are easy-fit mounting solutions enabling damage free installation of iPod cradles (active cradles, passive cradles), mobile phone car kit cradles and other portable devices offering a complete, safe and professional installation.
Dashmount Brackets are damage-free vehicle specific mounting brackets made for your particular car make and model.
This ensures a perfect fit.
They install in minutes without any drilling or gluing.
They protect your dash providing a quick, easy and secure installation giving an integrated look with your car dash and interior.
Detailed installation instructions are usually included with each bracket.
About Brodit ProClip Brackets They are different from Dashmount Brackets in that they are made from a robust metal.
Brodit ProClip Brackets are made from a robust black plastic.
That's the only difference between the two types of mounting brackets.
If you prefer robust plastic, then go for the Brodit ProClip Brackets.
Choose the Dashmount Brackets if you prefer robust metal.
Whichever you choose, you special gadgets will no longer be lying around in your car.
Remember, you can fit as many as necessary to take care of all the gadgets that hit the road with you.
You can drive with the peace of mind that a sudden brake will not send your cellphone flying through the window.

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