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Growing Orchids Indoors - Five Crucial Tips For Growing Orchids Indoors

I have been growing orchids indoors for many years and have always enjoyed their presence in my home.
Their natural beauty and wonderfully varied fragrances make them a welcome addition.
I have grown many different species of Orchid with varying degrees of success.
I have learned a lot over the years about what "not" to do as well.
One key to selecting an Orchid that will thrive in your home is matching your home environment up to the needs of the orchid you plan to grow, particularly in terms of light, temperature and humidity.
Consider the areas in your home where you might like to place your orchid plants and ask yourself these questions: 1) What is the average temperature in this spot? will it be too hot? too cold? 2) How much does the temperature vary at night? Orchids like cooler night temperatures.
3) What is the humidity level? It should be a minimum of 40% humidity.
4) How much sunlight will it get throughout the day? will it get too much direct sun? 5) Is there good air circulation in this spot? This is often overlooked but critically important.
You home actually contains many "micro-environments", these are areas in which the light,humidity & temperature can vary from one another considerably.
Moving your plant a few feet one direction or another can make a difference.
You can measure the temperature and humidity easily enough in various areas throughout your house to see what is ideal.
If you don't have many options then place them next to an east facing window if you can, that way they will get morning sun but will be shielded from the too hot afternoon sun.
Do not let the orchid's leaves touch the window however, the temperature of the glass heated by the sun may be to hot and may burn the leaf.
Likewise in the winter the glass can cause the leaves to freeze.
Some of the easiest Orchids to grow indoors include the Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Dendrobiums and Cymbidiums.
Each of these have their own special requirements but with a little knowledge you can successfully grow any of these at home.

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